Edison Academy Magnet School

The Edison Academy, located on the campus of Middlesex College, is a highly focused four-year full time program for Middlesex County’s students. Career interests are concentrated on science, mathematics, and engineering technologies that include civil, mechanical, electronic and computer engineering. Studies are multi-disciplinary with technology integrated throughout each program. Students are afforded the opportunity to earn college credits through the Middlesex College High School Scholars program, and may also acquire an Associate's Degree if the student selects that pathway. All students who apply participate in a selective admissions process. The process considers middle school grades, standardized test scores, and Edison Academy developed assessment in language arts and mathematics. Students must successfully complete 160 credits prior to graduation. The number of applicants to the Edison Academy has increased each year since the school’s inception in September 2000, and each subsequent year reflects a strong competition for a very limited number of seats.

Woodbridge Academy Magnet School

The Woodbridge Academy is a small learning community serving approximately 270 students. The students at the Woodbridge Academy benefit from a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum with a thematic emphasis on health sciences. The school serves the community by providing an exemplary learning experience. Over the course of high school, students may earn college credits at a variety of New Jersey colleges, including Rutgers and Middlesex College. The student may also acquire an Associate Degree from Middlesex College if they choose that pathway. The staff is cognizant of each student’s educational needs and goals as they guide them through their high school career. The Woodbridge Academy offers many opportunities for students to achieve both academic and career goals.

East Brunswick Magnet School


The East Brunswick Magnet School offers students the opportunity to pursue a goal of either post-secondary education or employment. Students find an educational program that combines academics with career majors. The East Brunswick Magnet School is a nationally recognized school by the U.S. Department of Education and also selected as a Future Ready School. The students choose from a variety of career major offerings ranging from Pre-Engineering to Automotive Technology. The school also have a robust School of the Arts program focusing on Dance, Theatre, Film, Music and Visual Arts. Students may also take AP courses while also taking numerous dual-enrollment courses aligned with Middlesex College.

Perth Amboy Magnet School


The Perth Amboy Magnet School offers students the opportunity to pursue a goal of either post-secondary education or employment. Students find an educational program that combines academics with career majors. All of the Academic Classes at the Perth Amboy Magnet are College Preparatory classes and meet the requirements of a four-year College or University. Students who attend the Perth Amboy also participate in interscholastic sports, organizations related to career areas as well as the extracurricular activities found in the comprehensive high school. Community service activities and service projects complement the academic component. The unique needs of all students are met with services provided by a dedicated teaching staff and educational service professionals like guidance counselors and child study team members. It is the goal of the campus to provide a cross content learning experience that set students on a lifelong career path.

Piscataway Magnet School


Piscataway Magnet School has established a program that enriches the learning experience and motivates students to academic and career excellence. With its school within a school approach, students become creative problem solvers, effective communicators, and tomorrow’s workforce leaders through a rigorous, specialized career curriculum and collaborative community partnerships.
The administration, faculty, staff and parents aided by leaders from local businesses, industry and post-secondary institutions form an integrated community with the intent of developing future leaders who have the desire, skills and preparation necessary to be life-long learners. Faculty members act as facilitators, assisting students in acquiring the communication and information access skills they will need to function as productive citizens in an increasingly technological workforce. Students are taught to be careful risk-takers and creative problem solvers in a global society. Achievement of these goals will result in their becoming socially and ethically responsible in the workforce.
A broader knowledge base and appreciation developed through exploring the interconnections among academics and career majors fosters a higher level thinking skillset. To foster this development, the Piscataway Campus will offer opportunities for the students to explore not only these connections, but also access a wide range of subjects and interests. The application and admission process has become increasingly competitive. Our approach embraces student, faculty, staff, and administration in a mission of excellence, requiring the most of, and providing the most to, all who enter there.

Career Choices at Piscataway


The Career Choices Program (formerly known as the 8th grade Employment Orientation Program) offers eighth grade special education students exposure to technical and career education. The students are provided with an opportunity to learn about three career areas. The three career areas are: Food and Health Technology, and Digital Media Technology. The students attend each career area for a total of 18 weeks in either a morning or afternoon session. Students in the 7th grade from Middlesex County and surrounding areas are now enrolling for the fall and spring sessions. Students enjoy hands on assignments and awesome projects they create. They also enjoy meeting new students from all over the county.